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Resilience or Neuro Drama


We are universal beings so whatever happens around us affects us.

How we respond depends on us. We can create drama around the event, which I call Neuro Drama or develop resilience.

Emotional intelligence enables us to process events and behaviours to protect ourselves and develop positive relationships.   It involves developing a flexible body and mind.   In Yoga, I often see students who are physically inflexible and interpreted as stubborn (inflexible mind).    The stubborn mind and inflexible body prevent from moving on in life, thus creating Neuro Drama.

Life is full of adversity and stress has now become part of life.  We are continuously bombarded with negative information via multimedia.   We have a choice to either succumb to the outside negative noise or take responsibility for how we respond.

We can’t plan our whole life without stress, but we can learn to deal with how we respond and how to diffuse the inner storm by developing resilience skills to remain rooted.

Neuro Drama prevents the mind to understand the situation and creates unnecessary stress, and the inability to respond situation with clarity.

Emotional intelligence enables us to see early signs of stress and adversity.

Neuro Drama shows up as:

Physical – aches and pain, digestive issues, light, heart pounding, rashes

Emotional: temperamental, judgemental, feeling overwhelmed, fear, distrust

Mental: unable to concentrate, self-blame and blame others, negative mindset

How do we develop resilience:

  • Develop Self-awareness – journal your thoughts
  • Develop strategies to deal with each day
  • Support: talk to friends and develop a support network – make connections
  • Be realistic about your abilities.
  • Recognise when stress is likely to become a problem
  • Develop short-term and long-term strategies to deal with stress
  • Have positive outlook
  • It’s not permanent

Strategies to develop long-term resilience:

  • Go for walk to clear the mind
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Practice meditation
  • Practice Yoga
  • Learn new skills
  • Learn to see the bigger picture

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