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A Kundalini Yoga workshop is a unique experiential session to enhance your overall health.

In a workshop, you will be taught specific techniques of movement, meditation and mantra to enhance your wellbeing and balance all the chakras. The workshop is great way to connect with yourself and clear the magnetic field.

Discover the power of Kundalini yoga and how it can help you achieve balance in mind, body and spirit. Discover new levels of inner peace and self-awareness through ancient yoga techniques and meditation. The Power of Kundalini Yoga will enable you to awaken dormant energy.

Discover the benefits of meditation, from reducing stress and improving sleep to increasing focus and clarity. Find tips and techniques to help get you started on your journey.

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Yoga Nidra & Gong Workshop

A gong is a flat circular metal disc made mainly of bronze or brass. A range of mallets are used to create sounds. The gong session is known as Gong Bath, Gong Immersion, and Sound Massage.

Each Gong has its distinct sound wave - it resonates with the universe. The unique sound vibrates with the energetic body to reduce stress, improve the flow of emotions, and heal the body. 

The sound engages five layers (koshas) of the body.  A combination of Gong sound and Yoga Nidra restores enable the body to harmonise and provides a deep sense of relaxation by bathing the electromagnetic field.

The soothing vibrations will help you reduce stress and relax the body at the cellular level and promote inner peace

How is it experienced: The sound bath is experienced fully clothed. You lay down on a yoga Mat or sleeping bag and cover yourself in a blanket, close your eyes and relax.

Yoga Therapy

Kundalini Therapy is multi-dimensional approach to healing the body and mind.

Kundalini Therapy combines Kundalini Yoga,  the 10 energetic bodies, the Chakras, Meditation, Ayurvedic principles, Chinese medicine and Acupressure to create an effective healing regime to treat your physical, emotional and spiritual problems. It is a 360 approach to healing.

The Therapist views the client as an energetic being.

What to expect from a session?

The first session is longer to discuss lifestyle and highlight physical, emotional or spiritual blocks.

The symptoms will be diagnosed and a tailored programme will be discussed.

A tailored programme will be discussed.

The programme will include any or all of the following, Yoga postures, Meditation, Herbs, and diet.   The client will incorporate the suggestions into their lifestyle. A follow-up appointment will be in 3/4 weeks to discuss progress.

A therapist is a catalyst for recovery. It is up to the client to engage and work on their body/emotions to heal.

The first consultations last between 60-90 mins.

If you wish to book a consultation, please complete the attached form and return it to [email protected]

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Yoga Therapy may be used to: reduce symptoms of illness or injury, establish more functional breath and movement patterns, reduce physical and mental suffering, improve quality of life, and enhance
positive coping strategies.
No previous experience with yoga is necessary.

Yoga Therapy 90 minutes

First appointments.
1 hour 30 minutes @ £85.00
Initial interview, posture, movement, and breath assessment.

Packages of sessions are strongly recommended for all new clients. The goal of any Yoga Therapy session is to give the individual what they need for self-care and self-practice.

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For packages book, one 90-minute appointment then book follow-up 60-minute appointments (you don’t have to book all follow-up sessions straight away but it's recommended to book the first session one week after your initial appointment).

Yoga Therapy 60 minutes

Follow-up or Standalone appointments 1 hour @ £75.00

Follow-up sessions. To assess how the given practice is working and make necessary adjustments to reach your goal. Address any new issues which may arise.

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