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Sirilakshmi is Kundalini Yoga teacher, Kundalini Yoga Therapist and Metamorphic Technique Practitioner.

Indira Siri Lakshmi has been teaching Yoga and practicing Complementary Therapies 12 years. She made transition from full-time career in Banking, the Visual Arts and Architecture to Complementary Therapies and Kundalini Yoga.


Professional Qualifications and Membership:

Kundalini Yoga : Level 1 and Level 2 , 2008-2011 - trained with Guru Rattana, iSky and Karam Kriya. Member of KYTA
Kundalini Yoga Therapy - trained with Guru Dharam 2014-2016.
Reflexologist - qualified in 2005
Metamorphic Practitioner - Member of Metamorphic Association, qualified in 2003

Personal Approach: Indira Siri Lakshmi integrates her wide range of knowledge, experience and training to assist in your healing and recovery.

 “Touch it, Feel it, Move it, Taste it, Digest it, Claim it, Sit with it, Share it and you will have come full circle to let it go and begin again”. - Ulrica Norberg
I thought you might be interested in my journey as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher: CLICK HERE

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