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Change Yourself


The last two years have been strange – we have had to forget about our plans to adopt new ways of living and surviving. 

Do you make plans for 3, 6, 12 months and work through them or do you just go along with the flow?

We usually begin thinking about the changes we want to make from September to December and make a long list. However, by the middle of February, we have either forgotten about our intentions or other life events have taken over.  This makes us feel like a failure

In our ‘structured’ life we forget about how our energetic body gets left behind to support our family, friends and go to work to pay bills and mortgage. We are trained to live outside our body, responding to events and emotions on demand.   We don’t know how to live in our bodies and feel the energy within ourselves.

The pandemic has awakened our energetic body to make us aware of what is important to us and how to look for our authentic selves.

What is your authentic self?

  • Is it your name?
  • Is it your gender?
  • Is it your cultural identity?
  • Is it religious identity?
  • Is your identity in relation to your partner/husband/children/family/friends/colleagues?
  • Is your identity your profession?
  • Is your identity your community?

Have you looked at yourself in the mirror, and liked yourself for who you are and what you look like with all the faults?

We are programmed to create ourselves in relation to what the media wants us to be…

  • How we dress
  • The makeup
  • The language we use daily
  • How our body should look
  • What type of car do we drive?
  • What supermarket do we shop at
  • The environmental credentials we hold

I find this overwhelming… do you?

My first strategy during the pandemic was to step back and make life simple by starting 360-degree detox (food, social platforms, clothes, people) and connecting to nature.  I started going for walks to the local park.

Being in and with nature helps us to connect with our core self (the spirit and soul).  Nature is always shedding and renewing embracing change every season. Do try it…

Here are some ways you can start discovering your authentic self:

  1. Physical Environment:
  • Look at your home – begin to declutter, things you have not used for more than 6-8 months let them go.
  • Re-define how you use your house.
  1. Social Media:
  • Look at social media once or twice a day
  • Don’t allow news to control your moods and emotions
  • Have a digital detox
  • Learn a new hobby which involves going outdoors and meeting people
  1. Friends/colleagues:
  • Seek friendship with those you who are honest and positive with you and have helped you during the crisis.
  • Let go of people who just suck your energy by offloading their problems onto you.
  • Take responsibility for your emotions
  • Stop blaming people or circumstances for your issues
  1. Take responsibility:
  •  For your emotions
  • Turn your anger into action
  • Be grateful for what you have
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Let go of negativity from within and around you

 Finally, spend 5 minutes by yourself to reflect on your day and understand why you feel the way you feel about people, situations, and begin to make one small change a week.

One small change a week will help you find your Authentic Self: 52 weeks = 52 changes in a year – that’s the power of finding your true Authentic Self!

Remember the Energy you send out comes back to you



Meditation for Change


The law of the Universe is to change. Everything changes. However, the ego will not let you change easily. You change but your ego does not let you see your maturity or potential. It blocks communication.

This creates a condition of constant hassle in the mind. The difference between your reality and your perception of it through the ego creates doubts, and doubts create misery. Doubt steals three feet of your auric radiance.

To come out of the darkness, you must assess yourself. Ultimately, to be happy through all change and to have the full radiance of your soul, there must be a surrender of yourself to your higher self.

To aid the process of self-evaluation and to probe the ego to change and unblock subconscious communication, practice this meditation each day.

Posture: Sit with a very straight spine in Easy Pose. Lift the chest.

Mudra: Curl the fingers in as if making a fist. Place the fingertips on the pads of the hands, just below the fingers. Then bring the two hands together at the centre of the chest. The hands touch lightly in two places only: the knuckles of the middle (Saturn) fingers and the pads of the thumbs. The thumbs are extended toward the heart centre and are pressed together.

Hold this position and feel the energy across the thumbs and knuckles

Eyes: Closed.

Breath: Begin Long Deep Breathing. Follow the flow of the breath.

Time: Continue for 31 minutes.

To end: Inhale deeply, exhale, and relax for 5 minutes.

After practising and mastering this kriya for 31 minutes, you can extend the time to another 31 minutes after the rest period.

You can play this in the background from Youtube: 432 Hz Destroy Unconscious Blockages & Fear, Binaural Beats

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