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A Life Journey of Colours Manipura – Third Chakra

The Third chakra

  • Name: Manipura, manipurak, nabhi
  • Meaning: City of Jewels/gems
  • Location: The part of the vertebral column that corresponds to the navel region
  • Colour: Gold
  • Element: Fire (red/rising sun)
  • Food: carbohydrates, starch
  • Body Associations: Feet and legs, digestive system, liver, muscles
  • Predominant sense & Organ: Sight & Eyes
  • Ruling Planet: Sun (masculine)
  • Mental: self-worth
  • Behavioural pattern: Like a snake
  • Sound: Ram
  • Plane: The Celestial Plane

The solar plexus/Manipura chakra is the third chakra, the energy centre of the body, it is found four finger breaths above the navel area, where it meets the lower and upper triangles.     The Manipura chakra is the seat of self-confidence and power, it gives energy, dynamism, and achievement.  The energy of Manipura chakra is pride, ego and the ability to control.

The chakra is the centre of gravity for transformation and healing. It has 72,000 nadis (channels of energy that release vital energy to all parts of the physical and subtle body. The Sushumna Nadi is by its nature fire element.  When both nostrils operate in harmony the Sushumna Nadi is activated. The flow and adjustments of prana and apana are governed and initiated from the Manipura chakra.

To keep the digestive fire balanced, a healthy and balanced diet is necessary.

The chakra can be kept balanced by avoiding ice-cold water, avoid overeating, it governs the pancreas, regulates blood sugar, and helps with weight management.

Imbalance in the Manipura chakra can be noticed in the lumbar spine and the abdomen.  Especially through lower back pain, issues with abdominal muscles and issues around the middle of the body.

The Stretch pose distributes the vital energy around the body

Before you start to practise stretch pose, practise breath of fire a few times in seated posture.

How to practise Breath of Fire safely

The stretch posture is practised with Breath of Fire.


Do Not practise Breath of fire, if you:

  • Pregnant
  • Menstruating/moon cycle
  • Respiratory issues
  • Hernia
  • Spinal issues
  • Vertigo- the breath of fire may make your symptoms worse.
  • Health conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, and seizures. ‌

Instead, practice long, deep breathing.

How to practise Breath of Fire

  • Inhale through your nose, feeling your belly expand as you do so.
  • Without pausing, exhale forcefully through your nose while contracting your abdominal muscles. Keep your inhales and exhales equal in length. Repeat until you’re comfortable with the pattern.
  • Continue the rhythm, inhaling passively and exhaling forcefully. Repeat several times to practice.
  • Now, speed up the inhales and exhales. Your exhales should be powerful and loud.
  • Repeat for 30 seconds.

Gradually build up the time to 3 minutes.

Breath of Fire is a foundational technology energizing, cleanses, immune-boosting, and strengthens for the nervous system and electromagnetic field.

Stretch Pose

Stretch Pose activates the third chakra, the navel point. By working on the navel point, the stretch pose resets the entire nervous system and strengthens the abdominal area. In conjunction with Breath of Fire, it is calming, and rejuvenating, and it purifies the blood. Working on the third chakra, it boosts resolve and self-esteem.

The Practice

Posture: Lie on your back and raise your head and heels 6 inches off the ground. Place your arms above your thighs with the palms facing down but not touching the legs, or alongside your legs with the palms facing your body but not touching.

Eyes: Focus the eyes on the toes and stretch the toes so they point away from you.

Breath: Begin Breath of Fire.

Continue for 1-3 minutes.


Do not practice Stretch Pose in the following circumstances because it puts extra pressure on the female reproductive organs:

  • After the first 120 days of pregnancy
  • If there are any pregnancy complications
  • During the first few days of a woman’s moon/menstrual cycle

Mantra for Manipura Chakra:


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