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Abundant Mindset

The Law of nature proves that our universe, or physical reality, is not objective. Our experience is created with our mind and perception. As Yogis we are aware that abundance comes in many different forms.  The universal flow embodies negative and positive forms in our environment.  How we receive the universal depends on our mindset.  If the mind resides in the positive and neutral state, prosperity, and abundance flows, however, if the mind resides in the negative state, it creates doubt which blocks the flow of abundance.

Once this concept is understood, we begin to retrain the mind for positive and neutral state, abundance in every part of life begins to flow. The Universe opens its portal to us.  The mind and heart connection are other key element in the process of retraining.  The heart-based living raises our vibrations and charges our electromagnetic field, thus creating a new physical reality.

Here are suggestions to develop an abundant mindset:

  • Develop Self-awareness
  • Be grateful for what you have
  • Learn new skills
  • Reduce negative talk (words carry vibration)
  • Lean into your fear (is it real or imagined fear)
  • Develop growth mindset
  • Stay away from negative people
  • Have few good friends
  • Destroy limited belief

Begin a 40-day journal to understand yourself.  You will understand your patterns and how your mind takes on a negative journey.

Make decision from the heart centre.

Join us for a powerful prosperity practice that stimulates the elements and the planets to awaken a soulful spaciousness, shift our perspectives and live anew in elevated spirits.

Let’s expand our universal field to make 2023 our abundant year.

The Yoga classes for 10 weeks will be to operate from the Heart centre, create abundance in every part of our life.

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