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Living above Cause and Effect

Cause and effect are intrinsically connected to human beings.   Whatever we think will influence us and everyone around us (family, friends, environment).  The immediate example is how our environment is affected by our daily habits and use of materials.

So, you may think is it possible to elevate the self from cause and effect?

Yes, but to elevate ourselves, we need to work on the self, our auric field, strengthen our electromagnetic field and raise our energy beyond the physical plane of body and mind.

Taking responsibility in our life for what is working and not working and becoming the creator of life is the real cause, but when we play the blame game, we are giving away our power and allowing others to affect our life.

We are masters of our destiny:

  • We choose how to interpret our experiences.
  • We choose to experience emotions both consciously and unconsciously at any one moment in time.
  • We choose to behave by how we Think about the world, events and ourselves.

There are several ways to drive your life, the first method is to change your mindset, your thought patterns and take action to make the changes.  This is the most difficult part because we are slaves to our thoughts and their pattern of taking us on some unhealthy rides, e.g., do you sometimes get lost in your thoughts about incidents or people in your life who have been unkind to you?  Just by seeing that person/incident, the mind begins to replay the event and how you felt. The mind likes to go back in the databank and the whole experience begins to replay.

‘Your thoughts, behaviours, and actions create specific effects that manifest and create your life as you know it.  If you are not happy with the effects you have created, then you must change the causes that created them in the first place…’

Some of the ways to understand and change the Cause and Effect is by:

  • Starting a journal to reflect on the day
    • Your reaction
    • How you felt
    • Your breathing
  • Take a deep breath when you are faced with a difficult situation or people
  • Take time to get used to new environments
  • Use your intuition

 Through these techniques, you will begin to retrain your mind, change your habits and renew the energy field. 

A strong energy field dissolves any negativity around you to elevate you from the cycle of Cause and Effect.

Try out this meditation: Clear Karma & Strengthen the Arcline:



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