Your journey to inner peace

Kundalini Yoga benefits the whole body by combining breath, movement and mantra.

Activate and balance all the chakras in the body to experience and develop a coherent body and mind, unified as a whole.

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You're Ready to Make a Change...

  • Anxiety, difficulty sleeping, inbalanced hormones and emotions... imagine a future where you feel healthy in mind, body and spirit.
  • Clarity can come from within when we work on balancing our emotions and managing our feelings of fatigue.
  • This 4-part course will help you to realign with your breathwork, while activating and balancing your chakras.
  • You will learn breathing techniques, develop strong muscles and bones, improve posture and reduce general aches and pain in the body.

A positive outlook on life

Turn your negative energy upside down as you gain improved health and well-being throughout your life. The course will help with anxiety, lack of confidence, address hormonal imbalance, provide clarity, and relax the body with Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga).







The Classes

  • Renew the Glandular System: Develop stamina, provide clarity and calm in chaos. Practice this set to joyfully ride the waves of time and develop sensitivity to when to act and when to relax.
  • Balance Head and Heart: The set brings a balance between logic and feeling, between ideas and the “fire” to put them into action, between an overly intellectual mind and overly sensitive emotions. It aligns the head and heart so you can be great and graceful, aware and loving. Make decisions with sensitivity and take action without delay.
  • Become Crystal Clear:

    This kriya helps us develop and crystallize our understanding of our Self, our mind, our body, and our soul. If we can clarify our understanding of ourselves, we express truth with our actions and commitments. Get clear about who you are, so you can be that person to the world.

  • Body Scan Yoga Nidra Audio: Yoga Nidra (sleep Yoga) is a practice that helps you to achieve a very deep state of relaxation by gradually moving your awareness throughout the body. The body meditation practice is a body scan, guiding you through your body to release tension, relax the muscles and create balance.
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Meet Indira

I started the Yoga journey with hatha yoga and Iyengar. Following an injury to my knee, I began my search for a style that embodied postural work, breathing and music. Removing myself from a soul-destroying corporate position was a goal of mine through retraining in yoga. I came across the Metamorphic Technique and trained as a Metamorphic practitioner, and then as a reflexologist. The two therapies paved my way out of the corporate world. I discovered Kundalini Yoga and developed my own practice as a combination of yoga and meditation every morning. Supporting my community inspires me every day, and I love to share this practice with people to help them better their physical and mental health. The benefits of Kundalini Yoga cannot be overstated and I would love for you to reap the rewards just as so many have before you. 

Not ready to go all in with the course yet?

I hear you. Why not check out my book first?

Mantra Meditation involves reciting or chanting a sound or phrase repeatedly.  The chanting or reciting connects massages the brain when the tongue touches the palate and massages the acupressure points.  These acupressure points connect the nerves to the brain. 

Kirtan Kriya is one of the many meditations in which one chants, presses finger and thumb tips in sequence to make the connection to the brain and the heart.

This physical book or PDF is available to purchase now. 

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