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The five elements - (earth, water, fire,  either and air) are present in our body. These elements change with the external environment, e.g, in autumn and spring, our body begins to change to welcome summer and winter. 


The elements are waves of frequency. These waves of energy create balance and imbalance in our body - physical, mental, and emotional. 


The Marma points in the body activate the meridian pathways to enable the energy to travel around the body. The flow of energy is interrupted when Marma points are blocked, which manifests as physical and emotional symptoms.


Meditation and Yoga connect mind and body to extend the energy field to project out. The energy field can be felt by animals and some humans, thus creating a calming effect in the immediate surrounding. 


Regular practice helps to calm the heart, mind, and emotions. Additionally, it clears the mind to reduce unnecessary traumas and drama in life.


The benefits of meditation are many: 


  • Reduces stress: Stress reduction is one of the most common reasons people try meditation
  • Controls anxiety.
  • Promotes emotional health
  • Enhances self-awareness
  • Lengthens attention span
  • Strengthens mind and body connection 


However, for a beginner, the practice may be daunting, at thought of having to sit for a long time. But, if you start the practice by meditating for 30 seconds and increase the time gradually up to 3 minutes or more, by concentrating on normal breathing and remaining present i.e let go of any thoughts and just be, you find that gradually the body begins to relax, allowing you to extend the practice for a longer time and you will find that over 6-8 weeks you will be able to sit for one hour. 


It is best to start with a beginner's class, to feel the group energy and receive guidance from a teacher. To learn to meditate, first one needs to understand how to become friends with breath.


In Stretch and Meditation class, students connect with themselves through breath and their energy field. 


Birte and her cat Merle, join the sessions regularly. Merle connects to the energy field by being present, sitting very calmly and feeling the vibrations!


All beings on earth understand the energy field - the vibrations of the energy field are beyond language, culture, and boundaries.


What is stopping you from Stretching your body and starting Mindfulness?








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