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Sense of Purpose : Awaken Your Dormant Energy

What is a sense of purpose?

We grow up with expectations created by parents, the education system, and the environment, but these are expectations.  They don’t always give us a sense of purpose.

A sense of purpose helps us to have clarity as to why we do what we do daily. It gives a reason to get up in the morning.  So, when do you realise that you have a sense of purpose in your life to reach goals? 

There are many goals in life, e.g., to study, work, train for a profession, and serve the community, these goals motivate us to work hard, towards achieving our purpose and give our life direction for a meaningful and satisfying life.

How does one cultivate a sense of purpose?  Life is made of going to work, paying off bills, raising children and leisure time.  But this is controlled by our environment, and it can be difficult to break away from the routine. The routine sucks you in and usually, illness or tragedy diverts the attention.  The sense of purpose is buried under the rubble of daily ‘structured’ life, only to emerge in times of crisis.

The lockdown helped us all to redefine our lives by making us think, about how the ‘structured’ life can be lived differently on our terms.  We all had more time to think about our lives and how they can be lived differently.   The one fundamental all humans want is to be happy.  But we look at external experiences for happiness.  Finding happiness from within is difficult for us because we rarely sit down quietly with our thoughts and emotions.

We find it painful to connect with the deeper sense of life and happiness. Our happiness and sense of purpose are measured with wealth and connected to our profession.   Without wealth and profession, we fill lost and purposeless.

It is tricky to cultivate a sense of purpose because no two people will have the same understanding of sense of purpose in life.   Maybe we can work backwards…

If you were to write your own obituary, what would you write,

  • How would like to be remembered – socially, tangibly, and emotionally
  • What legacy would you want to leave
  • How would your life be summarised?

Coming back to the present day:

  • Do you feel in flow with your life
  • Do you get up in the morning with a daily routine which energises you to look forward to the day?
  • Be open to new experiences
  • Have people around you that make you laugh, cry and be yourself
  • Do you take each moment as it comes
  • Do you complain about everything in life
  • When you think about the future, who and what do you see
  • What does love mean to you – people, pets, environment…

The question we all ask regularly is what motivates us?  There will always be times in life when we are tired and stressed about things we love most, but if you were to sit down and find out what you love doing, that could turn out to be your purpose in life

“Find something you love to do, and you'll never work a day in your life."

If you can find time to recognise your patterns, you will get an insight into how to find your sense of purpose - the purpose which makes your heart and soul dance.

If you had undisturbed 12 hours in for yourself, how would you plan to find your purpose in life e.g:

  • Start with a blank canvas
  • Think of 5 things you wish to achieve in the next 5 years
    • Travelling
    • Fighting for a cause
    • Building a business
    • Learning a new skill
    • What makes you happy

The connection to your soul purpose is the biggest achievement in life

Finding a purpose in life helps you create discipline for healthy eating, and physical exercise develops resilience to setbacks and a positive mindset.

Do you feel like you have found a sense of your overall purpose? How so, and is it what you would have expected? Let me know in the comments.


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