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Permacrisis is an extended period of instability and insecurity. "Permacrisis sums up just how truly awful 2022 has been for so many people”.

Do you feel on the edge most of the time worrying about your financial situations and other life situations you have no control over? Are you sick of being worried?

Are you looking for deals in the supermarket for food, have you curtailed your shopping list, or have started to micromanage your spending?

The pandemic was a long and unusual pause in our daily robotic life.  The time enabled us to review our lifestyle, and many of us were able to adapt to working from home and thus saved money.  But none of us was prepared for the crisis that soon followed with the price increase in food and fuel.

Have you had a chance to sit down quietly and think of letting go of anything you don’t need – both physical objects and clearing the mind…  But more importantly, have you sought out techniques to help you reduce the worry and strategically manoeuvre through the difficulties?  How you manage the current Permacrisis will set an example for your children and family members.

There are usually two types of crises, internal and external. An internal crisis is allowing your mind to create scenarios which create more stress and an external crisis is one created by the media and people around you.  You have a choice of how to react and manage these crises and respond to them.

Look around you, how many of your friends, colleagues, and family members practice Yoga, complementary therapies or use alternative therapies to keep equilibrium in their life?

You may not be into Yoga, Meditation, or other complementary therapies, but the techniques have stood the test of time and have proven to help in a crisis.  I don’t believe, you must spend money to achieve balance. With the lockdown, a lot of free information is available online.

We have wonderful parks and green spaces around us to have a walk, connecting with nature helps to soothe the senses, provides clarity, and keeps us physically healthy. 

Other techniques are:

  •  Massage your feet with your favourite cream before going to bed
  •  Practice online Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga)
  •  Have a spa day in your home with friends & family including children
  •  Join a free yoga or physical activity class at your warm centre

I love this meditation in times of crisis, try it out and see how you feel:  


Meditation for a Calm Mind and Strong Nerves


By practising this meditation, you will gain a calm mind and strong nerves. It will help protect you from irrationality.

How to Do It:
Sitting with a straight spine, hold the right hand at ear level with the thumb tip and tip of the ring finger touching (fingernails don't touch). Place the left hand in the lap with the thumb tip and tip of the little finger touching.

Females should reverse the position so that the left hand has the thumb and ring finger touching with a hand at ear level, and the right hand is in the lap with the thumb and little finger touching.

The eyes are 1/10 open. Make the breath long and deep but not powerful.

You can practice this meditation anywhere, starting with 11 minutes and working up to 31 minutes.

To end the meditation, inhale deeply, open the fingers, raise the hands, and shake them rapidly for several minutes. Then relax.

Note: This is one of five meditations given specifically “to prepare for the gray period of the planet and to bring mental balance.”

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