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The Eleven Yogic Bodies

The universe is made of several layers, with layers beneath us, layers around us and layers above us. Our body corresponds to the universal layers and has its own multiple layers.  The physical body is the visible layer, we can see.  However, all the other layers are invisible, but when we are in tune with our environment and ourselves, we engage with all the 11 bodies.

You can’t control the events around you, but you can control how you relate to those events.  Instead of being reactive, you can use your 11 bodies so that your inner peace remains unspoiled. 

Our thoughts can direct energy such as the negative mind which limits programs about life and about self, such as, you’re too fat, nobody appreciates you, etc.  It’s time to change what you pay attention to and focus on your greatness, subtlety, grace, and majesty.  The psychic heat you generate by focusing on your greatness will just burn up all that old pain!

These are descriptions of all the bodies:

  1. The Soul Body – Never Dies

The first body is your best friend for life—your soul. Unlike the physical body, the soul never dies but remains throughout your life and in lifetimes to come. It's important to get well-acquainted with this body every day, and preferably first thing in the morning.  

  1. The Negative Mind – Protective

The negative mind gives you the ability to be discerning, to not get carried away in overly optimistic thoughts, and stay out of dangerous situations. Yet when out of balance, the negative mind can become pessimism, fearful, or at the very least, overthinking. 

  1. The Positive Mind – Inspirational

The positive mind is inspirational and uplifting when balanced, but when out of balance, it can be equally dangerous as you can become reckless, unprepared, gullible, or easily persuaded. 

  1. Neutral Mind – unbiased and intuitive

The Neutral Mind listens to the intellectual input from both the Negative Mind and the Positive Mind and then leads you to the best decision, using unbiased intuitive knowledge. It’s best to use a neutral mind to make decisions and to approach situations.   

  1. Physical Body – Connection to Heaven & Earth

The physical body was crafted so you could enjoy a human life. It is the balance point between heaven and earth. The key to perfecting this body is balance. Balance in body and mind, balance in diet and exercise, balance in play, work, and rest.  

  1. Arc line – Halo

The Arc Body or Arc line is a line of energy that forms an arc from ear tip to ear tip. It is sometimes called your "halo." This spiritual body projects who you are to other people without a word being spoken. It also protects you from negative energy directed toward you. Have you ever felt something, and turned around to find someone staring at you? That's one experience of your arc line in action. 

  1. Auric Body – Electromagnetic Field

The Auric Body or Aura is a sphere of electromagnetic energy that surrounds the physical body. It can extend up to nine feet in every direction. You may recognize this body when you feel someone else's presence in the room or get a sense of their energy. This body protects the physical body and can manifest in different colours. This electromagnetic field of others can also impact us.  

  1. Pranic Body – Power of Breath

The Pranic Body is what controls the breath and takes in prana, the life force energy of the Universe. The Pranic Body gives you energy, courage, control over your mind, and healing power. When you breathe, you are feeding your Pranic Body. As you practice pranayama, you'll experience the expansion and strength of this body.

  1. Subtle Body – Intuitive

The Subtle Body gives you the opportunity to understand and master the subtlety of life. It can help you understand what is going on around you and how things work. Those people who can tune into situations easily or pick up new skills as if by magic, have developed the Subtle Body. 

  1. Radiant Body - courage

The 10th body gives you spiritual royalty and radiance. Those with a strong Radiant Body have a lot of charisma and tend to shine. A strong Radiant Body will make you courageous in the face of any and every obstacle. Good things are drawn to you through a developed and powerful Radiant Body.

  1. Eleven Body – Perfected body

The Eleventh body represents all the bodies of a perfected human being. 

Many of the Yoga Kriyas ignite the energetic bodies and things we cannot see but feel. Kundalini Yoga engages all 1ll bodies, therefore working on multiple levels in a deep way.

If you are interested in balancing your Chakras and the Eleven Bodies, contact me for 1-1 consultation ([email protected])

Below is a meditation to develop and balance all the bodies:

Experience the Original Self Meditation



  1. Sit with a straight spine.
  2. Bring your left arm up parallel to the ground, elbow bent, hand in front of your heart centre, palm facing the Earth.
  3. Stretch your right arm out to the side and bend your elbow at a 90-degree angle with your palm facing forward, your hand in Gyan mudra, fingers pointing to the Sky. 
  4. Chant this mantra: "Ram Ram Hari Ram, Ram Ram Hari Hari"
  5. Time:11 to 31 Minutes
  6. Eyes: close your eyes

Additional Notes:

“When you want to open your heart, stand before your soul and realize the intimacy between you and your Infinity, chant this. Listen to the mantra as you chant it. Become completely still and let the subtle structure of the sound shape the lens of your inner eye to see intuitively who you are and the next step to take.”
“This is a special Naad that preceded in time the Panj Shabd. (The mantra came even before the mantra ‘Sa Ta Na Ma’ which is known as the Panj Shabd)

“It has a distinct structure to each movement of the sound.
“The first Ram invokes the creativity and blessing of the universal magnetic field and existence.  The second Ram consolidates and protects that magnetic field and creation.  The Third ram completes and gives peace through the time of death. The final Hari’s are the platform of the four corners that elevates you in consciousness as you journey across earth.

“The first half of the mantra is a relationship in Naad to the infinite and formless existence and nonexistence. The second half is guidance through the experiences of form and earth. Together the two parts of this mantra are a polarity that takes you beyond polarity to experience and project your original self.”

  • Complete Mantra: Ram Ram Hari Ram, Ram Ram Hari Hari
  • Language: Sanskrit

Let me know how you get on with the meditation and if you have any questions.


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