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"It happened by chance, but I am forever grateful that I found Indira.

I started with reflexology sessions at The Plane Tree, which is a calming, beautiful space in the heart of East London. I had never experienced reflexology before so I didn't know what to expect, but what I received was fully holistic. Indira not only transformed the texture and flexibility of my feet, but her warmth and insight led me into a whole world of self-care and awareness.

After Reflexology I was interested to try Indira's Kundalini yoga classes nearby, and nervously went along on my own to see if it was for me. I have been profoundly moved by the effect on my body and mind, it's something difficult to put into words except to say that I am now a regular student and I can't imagine my life without Kundalini yoga now. The class is for any level and Indira guides you through each move and encourages you to go at a pace that is comfortable for you. Classes take place at St Paul's Church in Bow, in a beautiful, private space with heated floors in the winter, and plenty of space to practice.

I have also experienced a Metamorphic Technique session at The Plane Tree with Indira. The effect of the session became apparent over the following days where I felt a shift in perspective, from self-consciousness towards self-awareness. This is a massive change in my life.

Indira as a practitioner and a teacher is someone who inspires you to dig deeper and actualise your true self. She's skilled, no-nonsense, and patient, and you'll be just as glad as I am that she came into your life."

Amanda Thompson, London 2014

"I first met Indira when experiencing my first Reflexology, at the Plane Tree in East London.

I can honestly say that it was a life changing experience. I felt she was able to literally calm and heal my 'soul' through the soles of my feet...excuse the pun!

I then started to attend her Kundalini Yoga class thereafter and have been going now for just over a year.

I found it very difficult to begin with, mainly because it can bring out a lot of tensions and emotions, that we can suppress to get us through life, but I do feel Indira is one of those special people that I feel lucky to have met. She offers an ear and advice through yoga and massage, creating space, a sense of development and well being, which living among todays extremely fast paced life, is highly important for grounding and developing awareness about our bodies and intuition for decisions."

HP, London 2014

I have studied Kundalini yoga for around two years. Indira Nandha has been my teacher throughout this time. 

Classes with Indira are always incredibly empowering, cleansing and calming. Her guidance always makes me feel assured and confident when going into postures, exercises and kryas, while her patience and encouragement allows for learning and growth. 

Indira arranges the classes creatively, with specific areas addressed in a seasonal/thematic way. This allows the class members to reflect on the areas they are focusing on, and to measure the positive effects the classes have on these specific areas. 

Indira has a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field. She treats her students with warmth and respect. She acknowledges their individual natures and needs, and in doing so creates a wonderful atmosphere for the pursuit of learning yoga.

Samantha Merrydew

I have been attending Indira’s yoga classes regularly for over a year now. Indira teaches Kundalini yoga, incorporating the use of postures, music, and mantras and breathe work into each class. We have also learned some meditations.

I find the classes stimulating and enjoyable and they have helped me both physically and emotionally. The Kriyas (postures) that we do are excellent for general fitness and toning. We work with our eyes closed and at our own pace, so we are not competing against anyone but ourselves. My energy levels have improved a great deal since starting Indira’s classes and I rarely feel tired during the day now. I have also noticed that I have more confidence in myself and a much more positive outlook on life. This has brought about improvements in my relationships, both in my personal and my working life, which have allowed me to make progress and leave behind negative behaviour, which have held me back in the past. The past year has been a challenging one for me and Indira’s classes have helped me find the strength within myself to deal with difficult issues that needed addressing.

Indira is an excellent teacher and I felt at ease with her from the start. She clearly has a deep knowledge and understanding of the yoga she teaches and often speaks from her own personal experience. She is sensitive and encouraging, always having her students’ best interests at heart with any advice she may give them. Indira is generous with her time, making herself available to answer any questions that arise. She has been a great source of support to me over the last year and I would strongly recommend her classes to anyone with an interest in health and self-development.

Cathy Sorflaten

My introduction to Indira’s Reflexology treatments were gifted to me as a birthday present from my partner, Lorraine. At that point in my life, I was suffering from high work stress levels, chronic lower back pain and a stiff right shoulder.

From the very first treatment, I was amazed at how confident Indira came across throughout the session with her immense knowledge of Reflexology. For me, this had a very calming affect which helped to feel tranquil and be stress-free throughout the treatment. In addition to her knowledge, I find Indira’s approach to be sensitive, respectful, professional and talented, with an intuitive understanding of your needs.

During the treatments I am, both in mind and body, very relaxed where I am able to switch off to the strains of everyday living. Following the treatments, I find my energy levels are high but with a calming mind. Most remarkably, I have noticed how my stress levels and pain from my lower back and shoulder are greatly reduced.

Highly recommended!

Peter Dobbing, East London, 2009

I first tried Metamorphic Technique because I wanted something different, something that would be deeply relaxing while also freeing up blocks- a kind of self-maintenance intervention that would not only address the body but emotional processing as well. I had never heard of it before.

I was surprised at how instantly comfortable I felt with Indira, as it usually takes me a while to let go with someone. I found myself able to relax so deeply, more than with massage, that I was no longer aware of my surroundings and was able to enter that blissful place of wordless sensations, fleeting thoughts and images.

Metamorphic Technique to me is an intervention that allows me to relax to a state where I can access this deep level of processing, which does not require words or analysis to make sense of it.

I have the experience that after a session I feel very spacey and usually need to have a bit of a nap. I cannot not know this for certain, but in the longer term I usually feel as though the sessions help me move things along in my life especially in times of significant change and upheaval or relationship issues.

For me, Metamorphic Technique is also ideal as I myself judge when and how often I 'need' to have a session, respecting my own process.

M.L., E.London. 2007

I started coming to Indira at a pretty stressful time in my life - I was working very hard and my partner and I had been trying for a year or so to conceive. Having reflexology was part of a commitment to myself to reprioritise my health and well being. Indira provided an instant calming influence, both through the sessions and with her friendly, empathetic demeanor.

The reflexology helped to prepare me emotionally and provided much needed physical and mental relaxation during our IVF treatment. The sessions with Indira put me in a really calm and positive frame of mind for our second attempt at IVF, which was successful. I've continued to benefit from sessions with Indira during my happy and uneventful pregnancy - she's focused on sessions designed to prevent a variety of common pregnancy ailments, and is full of tips for, for example, keeping my underactive thyroid up-to-speed and for keeping the baby off my sciatic nerve. Any physical or emotional tension I've built up dissipates quickly during the session and I always leave feeling super relaxed and refreshed.

Kate, East London. 2006

The Yoga classes really helped me when I needed to boost my energy, the class improved my flexibility and my self- awareness. As a trainer it is important to be able to shift your energy in order to be at your peak performance.

Janice Beckles - Teacher, Trainer, Coach and Business Advisor – B Consultancy - 2010

Attending Indira's classes has given me a space to connect to myself and my own being at a deep level. Allowing space for this has brought many insights, understanding and an awareness of how much our minds and bodies are connected. Invaluable!

Gill Fennings, Women's Business Centre, Director, BACP Psychotherapist - 2010

Indira Nandha is a reflexologist and metamorphic practitioner. She is a natural healer and you only need to look at her glowing face to feel instantly better. Reflexology is the belief that different areas of the feet relate to various parts of the body, and although it sounds outlandish to pill-popping Westerners it is now available on the NHS, so sceptics should give it a try before they knock it. Indira also gives very relaxing Kundalini yoga classes on Thursday nights.

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