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SK15 - Essential Oil

Why use essential oil on your body ?

The Essential oil blend softens the skin, prevents dryness, premature ageing , increases suppleness and durability. The oil acts as a lubricant against friction, disperses the heat evenly and glazes the skin, strengthens and provides resistance to extreme temperatures changes in the environment.

How to Massage oil onto your body:

Follow the natural contour and flow of the the body and face. Three ways to apply oil:

1. Torso to Head - Base of the spine to the top of the head:
The energy flows up to down and down to up - massage with the palm of your hands.

2. Pelvis to Toes - Energy moves down from Pelvis to toes: massage with hands towards the toes

3. Collarbone to Fingertips - draws energy into the body: massage from collarbone towards the fingertips. Though the hands draw energy the fingertips discharge a great deal of energy.

The unique oil blend contains 15 fragrant, healing and relaxing pure oils.
They contain blend of base oils and essential oils for daily use on face, body, bath, in a diffuser or as a perfume.

Bath -relax after a long day
Diffuser - let the aroma filter around to create calm surrounding
On body - moisturise the skin and let it radiate

The essential Oil blend is made in small batches by Sirilakshmi.

If you have any questions, drop me an email.

The oil can be purchased directly or through Etsy.

'I just wanted to tell you how heavenly I’ve been finding your skin oil! Apart from the beautiful physical ingredients, I can really feel the love and care that you have infused it with. Thank you! Gemma Bliss (YogigGems)

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Essential Oil Blend

'It is made from natural products; has a very pleasant fresh aroma; is very easily absorbed into the skin and doesn't leave an oily residue; a little amount goes a long way; helps to soften hard skin; I also use it to massage my face!' GP 2016

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